7 jewels that every woman should have

One of the weaknesses of girls is jewelry, we know it. And we also know that whenever you see something that you love, you’re tempted to buy it now! This time we leave you seven that you must have yes or yes.

pendant earrings

1. Pendant earrings

Earrings in the shape of hoops can add the exact touch to give light to your eyes. They are perfect to feel feminine and ensure that, even on a day where you wear jeans and T-shirt, you look radiant. We love this pair in which the geometric shapes stand out and the stones offer a spectacular shine.

2. Diamond brooches

They are the epitome of discreet elegance and provide the exact amount of brightness that every girl needs. We consider them a basic necessity of every woman since they are perfect to wear on a special day with elegant and sober attire, but they are also ideal for more casual outfits to which you want to add a touch of glamour. Classics, elegant and versatile are a must in your jewelry.

3. Bracelet

Bracelets have been particularly important in the history of jewelry. As a curious fact, married women wear them as a symbol of marriage and in many cultures they are used as protection and for good luck. Give your outfits an elegant and glamorous look with this yellow and white gold bracelet with stones. Your best ally to shine in any occasion and place.

pearl necklace

4. Pearl necklace

A jewel like this can make you feel exquisitely sophisticated and classic. It is ideal to wear it with a black dress and give an Audrey Hepburn style in “Breakfast with Diamonds”. Try not to put yourself too short, too long and get a beautiful timeless appearance.

5. Gold chain with charm

It is an essential jewel for any woman. In white, yellow or pink gold, it always gives an appearance of delicate femininity. It has the advantage that, in addition to being an accessory of great beauty, carries different meanings according to the shape of the pendant: a romantic feeling in figures of heart, filial when it comes to a mother and child, good luck with elements such as horseshoes or protection in the case of angels and cross.

6. Charming rings for the right hand

As the left hand is intended for the engagement ring and the wedding ring, you have the right to play with different styles. You can try using several thin and minimalist rings on different fingers or a large and striking one. Follow the classic trial and error method to find out what works best for you. The imagination is the limit! What you should take into account is that at least one gold ring can never be missing among your accessories.

classic clock

7. Classic clock

Finally, a watch is also an essential jewel. Prefers the most classic in shades of gold, silver and rose gold to prevent them from falling behind in temporary or transient fashions. The idea is that its lines are clean, harmonious and balanced to achieve a traditional look that does not go out of style and has enough versatility to be used in both formal and casual events.