5 tips to improve your image with jewels

These tips are primarily for women who are characterized by love art and culture; have a luxurious personal style that combines class, good clothing and exclusive designer jewelry; and for those who cannot miss an important social event, because to be recognized in the field where they operate is very important.

improve image with jewels

1 – If the culture ancient artwork, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks fascinates you, the right jewelry for you called archaeological jewels. This type of gem is very fashionable jewelry of precious metals and gems to jewels identical fashion in those ancient societies, which generally used women of high social rank. They’re definitely an opportunity to meet with the story.

2 – For the couture clothing makes you look good and your investment is not a disappointment, create jewelry with unique design. To do this, you will have to order specialized services of a consultancy in jewelry, which in addition to this, having a high notion of what should and need to use a lady.

3 – If a friend invited you to work with your family to spend the Easter or other important celebration, do not limit yourself. Do not consider to go elegant is a display because dressing well never is, what is important is to use a little more discreet jewelry that demonstrate that you are comfortable in that space you were invited, would be a very small gold earrings. Use the gem is not all that matters, how to choose the jewel for the occasion is a skill that make known also highlight socially.

4 – If approaching your mother’s birthday or daughter have on hand the perfect gift for that special woman in your life. Reveals with a jewel that both love and also shows how much you know choosing the right jewel, for it keep in mind:

– What is your profession? If it is a successful businesswoman, giving it new jewelry could be much appreciated by her, but this must be chic and understated, very contemporary designs that match the new edge of the woman who for some years has been developed: the executive woman.

– Quantity, not quality, better give a jewel that will last for quality and not go out of fashion for its ageless design also provided that allows use to remember you.

5 – Your jeweler should have variety for one reason: to be attending many social events can not always wear the same jewels; so that your clothes have a complement itself must have the full package. Divine would match the color of the gem of your jewel with the color of the dress and shoes you use.

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