5 tips for choosing your bridal jewelry

We read daily hundreds of tips to make wedding day a unique and totally perfect, however, sometimes something with a single-day is not so perfect. As a woman, there is nothing that gives more grief to return not to use the prettiest dress that we have had in life. And if that is already a bad shot, we save another. Choose very discretion the jewelry for wedding that can be the perfect opportunity to shine our day and forever.

choosing bridal jewelry

Here we give you 5 tips to choose your bridal jewelry and hit.

Make a premeditated purchase. That is, do not expect to go through a jewelry and earrings you say, ‘Hey, we’re for you!’, and do not even decide to leave it by the end. Investigate, search and retrieval. When you reach the perfect jewelry you’ll know, and if you change your mind you can make a change.

Design it yourself. Do not drown in a glass of water. Be the designer of your own jewelry is really simple and cheaper than you think. Choose your material, send a sketch and let go.

A touch of color. The combinations can be endless. And it is that the solid-look brides are obsolete. Your earrings can be your something blue or light touch that was missing from your face. Combine them with your shoes, your tiaras or your bouquet. The color possibilities are endless.

Make sure that combine. If your dress is closed neck, you can not choose dangling earrings. First the dress and then jewelry. Note that in terms of cutting, design and color, the jewelry you choose to marry with to perfection.

Amortize the investment. Choose your bridal jewelry will allow you to give them hundred applications after the wedding. A special dinner is the perfect time for that bracelet you not wanted to take on your wedding night. The earrings can save a simple dress for New Year.

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