5 tips for choosing the perfect jewel

The choice of jewelry accessories is relegated often when last minute before leaving home. In addition, buying them is done indiscriminately without taking into account the characteristics of the person who will carry or the time of day. We leave some tips for you to choose judiciously.

choosing perfect jewel

Age does matter. If you do not want to look older than you are, choose simple pieces of silver or white and pink gold material. Also pearl necklaces or large ornaments make this effect.

Consider the time of day. The clothes you wear to work or to shop is not the same with which you dress for a drink or dinner with friends. Let them shine for the night. Despite this advice, there are increasingly more 24/7 jewels, that is for all the hours of the day, any day of the week. Highlight them or not depends on the costume you choose.

Not all types of gem feel equally well to all people equally. If you have too short neck, avoid necklaces, especially those most burdened. The hair and type of hairstyle also influence what we choose to make the most from the jewel.

The elongated and very thin fingers should opt for thicker rings that give the illusion opposite. Also, who by age or genetics have big ears is better to opt for click earrings.