Tips for the maintenance of the Jewels

The jewels are valuable object, and at the same time, these are delicate and expensive objects. Precisely for this reason it is so important to take care of the state of the jewels, to deal with the maintenance, the cleaning and the good storage of the jewels is critical for the life and the “health” of the same ones. Whether these are jewelry for an occasion, or your daily jewelry, require attention. Here we give some advice to the good conservation of your jewelry:

maintenance jewels

– Jewels are delicate, treat them gently and carefully when handle them.

– It is not good to apply chemicals directly to jewelry, try to remove when you wash your hands or wear perfume or use beauty creams. The particles of creams and cosmetics can be embedded in the hollows of the jewels until it corrode them over time, resulting in a premature wear of the metal.

– Try also to avoid contact with cleaning products, household detergents or insecticides; these are fatal for gems, precious stones and pearls, definitely damaging them.

– Gold is damaged by products containing mercury.

– If you are a sports person or spend a lot of time outdoors, choose your jewelry well before this activities, because jewelry can be easily hit and damaged in sports. Equally if you are working in the garden of home or doing crafts.

– When you wear jewels that are superimposed, these have to be damaged by rubbing.

– Intense sources of heat, X-rays or radioactivity damage jewelry.

Other useful tips:
Before using the jewel and wearing it, it is good to observe it and check the following:

– That the security lock works

– That the precious stones are set in place and do not move. For this, do not hesitate to shake the jewel a little close to your ear and you will confirm if any part is loose and makes noise. You can also rub the jewel with a cloth.

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