3 tips to maintain the quality of your tattoo

Maintaining the quality of tattoos is not an easy task. One must have plenty of care, especially in the early days, of course, but if you really want the perfect tattoo, there are certain things that you should always keep in mind. Come with me to meet some of these recommendations…

maintain quality of tattoo

Keep tattoo fresh
After properly fulfill all necessary primary care for tattoos (treatment, prevention of infection and other), the first few weeks should you keep cool and tattoo moist. What does this mean? That procures do not wear tight clothes or a garment that may cause friction in the area, use moisturizers to the skin and follow by washing well for at least a month. Never let the region is dehydrated and as much as we have told you, don’t even think remove crusts.

Keep the tattoo away from the sun and the beach
The summer and the beach are the worst enemies of tattoos, but as it is the time of year when people wear less clothing, exposed more and somehow, wants to show his body, is also the time when ironically, most people are tattooed. The beaches are the worst enemy of a tattoo because these are the best allies of bacteria. The risk of infection of a new tattoo is multiplied several times on a beach, either being in the sand or in the water: it’s crazy. This in terms of health, but the same goes for the sun in terms of quality. The hot sun dehydrates your skin, ruins the color of your tattoo and quality itself.

Always take care of it… until it is usual
If you want your tattoo always looks good and that its quality lasts over time, the most important thing is to keep basic care the first few weeks and avoid certain things with each passing day. Once there are no more risks of infection, preventive lotions and creams are no longer necessary, which itself can implement are moisturizing and protective.

The moisturizing creams, you know, such as Nivea or Avon which using your mom, are also perfect allied. These will help you keep your tattoo cool always, protected against the natural wear of every day and will help to rejuvenate the skin, making colors, sharpness and design quality lasts much longer.

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