Differences between diamond and brilliant

Precious jewels such as diamonds will always be a special gift to give on any occasion. Although many times you seek to give one as a gift, but you do not know well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant. Has it happened to you?

diamond and brilliant

If we told you that a diamond is not exactly a diamond, but one of its components. Would you believe it?

We want to give you the necessary answers so that you have no doubts about the differences between diamonds and brilliants.

Do you know what a diamond is?

One way to understand well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant is by knowing what they are, so let’s start with the diamond. This gem is a natural mineral composed of carbon, arranged in a cubic shape.

Diamonds are recognized worldwide as one of the most valuable stones in the jewelry world. For this reason, carvers seek to create the greatest amount of carats of this precious mineral. Continue reading “Differences between diamond and brilliant”