Round straw bag: Must have of the season

It is a fact. The round straw bag has become, almost inadvertently, a mus thave complement for this season. With this new model, we forget the classic basket or carrycot and say hello! to the circular bag. It is a bag that is causing fury and that combines with almost any look. Are you aiming for the trend?

round straw bag

New trend: Round straw bag

We have been around for three years with a trend that has been changing but revolving around a complement: the straw carrycot. Throughout these years have varied in size, patterns or styles, but this year has hit the big change. Now it is not a carrycot, but around bag of straw. We see it in many sizes, so it can be a handbag or a large bag. Like the carrycot, it is a very versatile accessory that blends perfectly with almost any look. Continue reading “Round straw bag: Must have of the season”