How to choose the accessories invited to the wedding

Choosing the perfect accessories is essential to create an ideal and complete look. However, sometimes it is very difficult to choose, since we have many options and we do not know which to choose. That is why today we help you choose the accessories for wedding guests that best fit your dress or ensemble. Do not miss out on so many styles, shapes, and colors and pay attention to these tips.

wedding guests look

Types of accessories for wedding guests

The first thing you must be very clear is that quantity is not synonymous with elegance when completing our wedding guest complements. No need to overload our look, in fact, simplicity is the best ally to achieve harmony. After clarifying this point, comes the big question: what accessories add to my wedding look? Apart from the shoes and headdresses, we have classified the different complements into two groups: fundamental and optional. Continue reading “How to choose the accessories invited to the wedding”