Cultured pearls: Origin and care

The gemstones come from inside the earth. But that rule has some exceptions and pearls are one of them (since these are gems of organic origin). From the depths of the sea, comes this precious gift that enhances the elegance and beauty of women. No doubt the pearls are precious stones full of mysticism.

cultured pearls

The jewelry market at the international level has faced a demand from users requesting jewelry incorporate into their quality pearls design. To do science and technology devised a mechanism for obtaining original pearls.

Cultured pearls
Cultured pearls are formed much like the natural way. The process begins in the body of the Bivalve after that to the same is inserted intentionally the irritant called the nucleus, which makes the mollusk react in a defensive way by using the segregation of mother-of-pearl, thus neutralizing the intruder wrapping, and over the years it comes the pearl. Continue reading “Cultured pearls: Origin and care”

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