Tips for choosing the best bag for you

We go to a shop where sell plenty of handbags and we immediately felt disoriented… Which one to choose? Color, black or white, large, small, with inside pockets or without them… In this note we give some guidelines for you to invest your money well and can choose the best bag for you.

choosing the best bag

The questions: One or several? Classic or modern?

Neutral colors
First of all, you should ask yourself if your bag is the only one which you will have or if you will be able to go changing it with others. In the second case, you are free to choose; but if you think always use the same, you should be more careful. It is best to aim it safe: try to choose a more neutral color, such as black, combining with the whole palette, or beige, which is fine with a basic garment as a blue jean. Continue reading “Tips for choosing the best bag for you”

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