Learn how to choose jewelry to wear on special occasions

Prom, wedding, party, no matter what the occasion is, the production has to be impeccable and the jewels are allies more than special in this regard. Here you can ask important questions to not make ugly this great day and discover how to mix rocks.

how to choose jewelry

Now you have no excuse anymore for leaving the jewels to the last minute.

Do the jewelry must match the color of the clothes? How to set this combination?
It is not necessary that the color of the jewel is the same clothing or other accessories, but it is important to have a matching set. A jewelry of bold colors and striking, such as those emeralds or rubies, work very well with crisp neutral colors such as black, white or nudes. But when the outfit has vibrant colors, it is recommended the use of more subtle tones with translucent stone, especially diamonds. There is no restriction as to the shades of gold. Continue reading “Learn how to choose jewelry to wear on special occasions”

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