Pearls: Supplements that can not miss in your jewelry box

Pearls are a must in any jewelry lovers. Normally we think that pearls are expensive, however not all are too expensive and that through different methods are achieved very elegant pearls, high quality and with a more affordable price. The beads are not only very elegant as a necklace, as increasingly becoming fashionable for bracelets, earrings and rings especially. We show you the different types of pearls and a little more about them. Read on!

akoya pearls

How beautiful are the pearls! In necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc gives exactly the same. A pearl saw a lot and adds a touch of glamour that few items bring. It is one of the perfect complements.

Historically this type of jewelry has been linked to people with high purchasing power; however this no longer has to be that way. While it is true that the most beautiful pearls are those that are grown naturally and therefore having no imperfections and have a greater creation time its price is also higher. Now we can enjoy many good imitations. Continue reading “Pearls: Supplements that can not miss in your jewelry box”

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