10 Key Jewelry Pieces That Every Modern Woman Must Have

Having style is not the same as being fashionable. And there is nothing more ‘stylish’ than knowing how to choose your accessories for every occasion. Discover the secret!

key jewelry pieces

The bearing with which a woman is conducted is undoubtedly her best letter of introduction. Bringing an impeccable and appropriate image according to the environment in which you are, gives you security and positions you in a favorable way before others. But how do you achieve that infallible style?

Definitely, choosing the right garments is a basic ingredient in this recipe, but it is the accessories that have the true power to lift or ruin an outfit altogether. Add a pearl necklace to your look and achieve a more sophisticate effect, or complement your outfit with a stone maxi collar and take it from day to night in an instant.

Renovating yourself so often is important, but you will not want to look like a mannequin that change dramatically in style as soon as a new season arrives.

Next we mention the 10 accessories that you must take into account to achieve that timeless elegance always looking modern, young and beautiful.

Metal Chains

Whether it’s gold, silver or pink gold, it’s worth investing in these super-smooth combinations. Choose from a necklace or chunky bracelet and it looks instantly spectacular.


These are precious stones, discreet, long chains or with a special symbol or letter, you choose! It goes to them to give a feminine and delicate touch to any outfit.

Stone Maxi collar

Basic and super-chic element to increase the volume to your look. It is not necessary to invest the month’s salary in one, but take care that the metal, beads or finishes of the necklace will be of good quality.

Rhinestone and Crystals

Here we recommend that you opt for something a little more luxurious, but that you definitely see wearing over the years. Ideal for an evening dress or formal events.

Something in silver

You can carry it on countless occasions, such as the office, a weekend trip or a romantic date. Choose to wear unique or very particular pieces and avoid the classic outfits of long earrings, necklace and bracelet, break with the originality that you are looking for.

Single and Multiple Rings

Our latest addiction! Choose a hue or create unique combinations, put two or three on different fingers. You can also opt for one with a simple or wrought, classic and discreet symbol.

Statement Rings

You must have at least one and take it out for a walk in special events. Try to bring the rest of your jewelry easier.

Spoiled Bracelet

The one that you can put on jeans and a white blouse and feel glamorous, but that also goes perfect with your favorite work attire and also you can put it to go out of holiday.

We recommend a metal, large, and nothing tied to a very particular fashion. Only then you can give it that desired timeless effect.

Torque Necklace

Or a rigid necklace made of metal (preferably gold or silver) that, because of its delicacy and simplicity, will add elegance to your favorite outfit. Again it is important to keep the rest of your jewelry subtle.

Earrings with unique design

Of gold if you feel splendid, or of silver, crystal or pearls, with variations adjustable to your budget. It is important that you choose a model that you can combine with ease and endure its quality over the years.