What engagement ring can choose?

Engage and marry is the end of many couples who, immersed in modern times, they are still committed to the more traditional model of sentimental union. The commitment and marriage are two moments in life that should be sealed with jewelry that never forget. That is why we’re going to explain the trends in engagement rings, from the most economic to the most sophisticated.

engagement ring trend

The silver is a good choice if you care about is the symbol, without having to spend a lot of money. Currently the designs of engagement rings in silver have nothing to envy to those of other precious metals. The ductility and malleability of the material makes any possible design.

If you want to complement the engagement ring you can choose colored entire alliance with pink stones.

Another option is to opt for the solo instead of the alliance. The ring with a single stone with white gold and topped with a bright purity.

engagement ring trend

The yellow gold engagement rings are still metal star. Its properties, strength and elegance are equivalent to white gold, mixed metals being the only thing that varies.

engagement ring trend

Or rose gold, the result of the mixture of fine silver gold and copper, and with bright champagne color.

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