Unique accessories to highlight in your friend’s wedding

Since the start of the new season, we are tired of seeing how to set looks for a unique winter wedding. However, the most important thing is to think about what can make styling is truly different. And as this happens a everyday look in the street style, we can also apply it to a bridal event if we go guests. Making a difference has never been as easy as now. So, here are the complements that we become the sensation of the wedding:

wedding accessories

A headdress: To speak of special moments, especially with weddings in the morning with a good light of winter, we must bear in mind that a headdress never hurts. To draw attention greatly and remain more trendy ever, we have to take into account its composition: round style, with feathers, glitter, a turban… that will match any of the styling will give us even more possibilities for reuse.

A pamela: The same thing happens if we dare with a good pamela, since we will be out of the monochrome type that wears our dress. And remember, we can not remove it since put it until the end of the event.

Another supplement as useful and practical, and unforgettable is the clutch. But not a purse either, but one called jewel. It is one which can be considered a work of art with the ability to shine in our hand. The ideal accessory!

A stole: It’s something unforgettable and we will pay for much, because in a winter wedding low temperatures are invited. If we make it, we will attract all eyes while being sheltered at all times. Why do not you dare?

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