Ruby Cufflinks

The cufflinks are articulated pins designed to unite the four fists that ends each a double cuff shirt or a mixed fist shirt sleeve. Along with the ring, tie pin and the clock, the cufflinks is one of the few jewels that men can look if they want to stay in elegance.

Ruby Cufflinks

The cufflinks are composed of two joined by a small pin that allows you to rotate one of the parties to close the cuffs after entering through the button holes. This quality of movement means that not all metals are suitable for making cufflinks.

The visible part is usually larger than the hidden part. The pin can be of various styles: can be a small piece that fits through the hole like a button or two pieces are separated and united through the buttonhole.

The flat piece can take various forms and be of various materials, including gold or precious stones that can convert the cufflinks in authentic jewelry. Generally includes a monogram or other decoration.

Cufflinks are not commonly used. The shirts that use are considered stylish clothing, compulsory for some clothing ceremony, but can also show off regular suit for people who opt for a more elegant or especially altar and that, therefore, need double cuff shirts usually longer sleeve.

An alternative is to close the twin silk knot, which is most commonly used in Europe than in North America. Despite having lower cost than cufflinks is considered equally correct and formal dress. Cufflink shirts are often accompanied with a group of color-coordinated silk knots. Currently, are rarely made from silk but rather elastic.

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