Long necklaces: Ideas to combine them

I am a fan of long necklaces. The long necklaces are very elegant, different, lengthen the silhouette, lose weight and always look good. Also, with changing necklaces you can wear the same uniform time after time and it will always look different.

combine long necklaces

The long necklaces also make the neck look more stylized, the short and tight necklaces shrink it visually, although there is always a neck style for every occasion. Fortunately, we can find a wide variety of necklaces for women in high quality jewelry shop.

Of course, long necklaces cannot be worn in all seasons or under all circumstances or with all clothing. To give you an example, do not even think about using them if your work involves machines, because they can get entangled in them. Neither if you’re going to do manual labor, either at home (you’ll end up with the necklace wet with the dishes or full of mud if you make pottery).

But there are some recommendations that can help you when it comes to combining long necklaces.

Necklace length

The proper length depends on your height, although it will also depend on the circumstances. The very long necklaces, which almost reach the belly, these are very flattering and also allow you to give several laps and look, like a nice neck.

A long necklace is considered to be between 80 and 100 cm. If they are longer, you can give them two rounds, which will be long too. They are more bulky to look but are very elegant even with an informal look.

Combine long necklace with other jewelry

It’s a matter of taste, but combining the necklace with the earrings is totally outdated. That to go with pearl necklace and earrings, or red necklace and red earrings went out of style. The ideal is to choose contrasting elements.

  • If you are going to use a pearl necklace, which can be considered conventional, use it with some peaks earrings or of modernist design.
  • If the necklace is of any color, do not use earrings, bracelet and rings of the same color. Try to use the other neutral or contrasting garments.
  • With respect to the earrings, do not use long earrings if you use a long necklace … it is a matter of looking for balance, and giving prominence to the necklace by choosing smaller earrings.

Use several long necklaces at the same time

There are combinations of several necklaces that can be very stylish.

  • For example, you can try a simple blouse or shirt in gray. Put several different necklaces in different shades of green. It completely changes the appearance.
  • Another option is to combine several metal necklaces attached with long chains with charms. It looks great with gold or silver necklaces.
  • Try combining conservative necklaces with other edgy types: for example pearl necklaces with dark metal necklaces.

Combine long necklace with clothes

One of the advantages of long necklaces is that they can be worn with many types of clothing and always look good.

long necklace with clothes

  • With jeans, sneakers and a white shirt you can put several possibilities: a long pearls necklace for there to be contrast between the informality of the clothes and the formality of the neck; but also long necklaces of different colors or different metals. Another original option to highlight the white color of a blouse or shirt is to wear a long crochet necklace.
  • With the typical black dress you can also wear several different types of necklaces with natural stones and even with a mixture of leather and zamak, although in this case it is preferable to avoid those with bright colors, which can make your appearance cheaper.
  • Going with a trouser and a t-shirt is an outfit that always lends itself to a long crystals or ethnic necklace, with feathers and even tassels.

Use a long necklace depending on the neckline

The truth is that long necklaces look good with different necklines.

  • With V-necks they are always suitable.
  • With a shirt they look perfect.
  • With low or high round neck t-shirts or boat neckline you can also see well. With a bardot neckline that shows the shoulders look great.
  • In the case of turtle necks, long necklace can look a bit old-fashioned.
  • If you are wearing a very thick fabric sweater, the necklaces (long and short) will not look good.
  • If the upper part wears laces, using long necklaces also is an excess.
  • Whether it’s a halter or crusader neck, long necklaces are also too much.

Wearing long necklaces is an easy way to look groomed and stylish even if your clothes are wardrobe bottoms. Have several colors and different materials so you can combine them. Remember that just the length can make them get tangled, so it is better to keep them on individual hangers, which will keep them in shape.

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