Ideas for hoop earrings

If you like hoop earrings these ideas are especially designed for you, as we will show a series of models that can recreate from the comfort of your home. The advantage is that you can use old rings that you no longer use, so give them a makeover and refreshes your accessories.

hoop earrings

Hoops Earrings
Hemp Rings
Using hemp, hoops, balls of wood and glue you can achieve this beautiful design. The general idea is to wrap the wires of the slope with hemp and then add beads as it progresses.

Feather Earrings
These beautiful rings are inspired feather design pieces. If you have beads, feathers, paper, amulets, and a string, you can make these Boho-chic style accessories.

Hoops for the summer
We know that turquoise is one of the trendy colors for summer, so it is worth using it in accessories. For this project, you basically beading thread through wire or hoops.

Curtain rings
This is another model that is trending. The marginal sections of these beauties are real strips of a curtain. You can use any metal chain, actually, for just attach them to the lower section of the hoop earrings and go.

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