How to combine choker

As has so often been seen fashion is cyclical and this season have opened up the trends of the 1990s. The choker is one of them. This anglicism has sneaked into the vocabulary of every girl and seems to be to stay. In case you are not familiar yet, it is neck collars that have been adopting very different and different versions. The celebrities do not take it away and now you’re only there to catch up on how to combine the choker, the jewel of the moment.

combine choker

How to combine choker

The truth is that it is a very versatile accessory that will give a touch of style to your look. The secret knows how to combine the choker by taking into account three main variables: the type of situation, the clothes you have chosen and your body. Any occasion is good, but there are infinite models: the classic black ribbon, with a charm in the center, of colors, of lace, of rhinestones … You must seek the balance and learn to counteract so that it is not overloaded.

For day to day use the smooth ones, although if your outfit is composed of basic you can animate it with a bit of color or that incorporates a charm.

In the most special occasions, you will have to evaluate which garment takes the leading role. With the monocolor looks give strength to the choker jewel, of rhinestones or lace. If your dress is printed, this is softened by the simpler one.

combine choker

Recommendation! For shirts or t-shirts with a V-shaped neckline choose the finite chokers that allow you to do several laps around the neck and stick it with a nice bow in the center. And finally, combine chokers with pendants of minimalist style of different lengths that will give you more play.

Now in clothing

This complement has arrived with so much force that has incorporated in the same clothes. Straight or stamped, tight or vaporous, with cuts outs on the back or shoulders, crop tops, long or short sleeve, etc. The textile sector is upside down and now any option is good to add to a top part that goes up and turns around our neck.

Does not it seem like an ideal accessory? We like and there are good bets for this moment of weddings, baptisms, and communions.

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