Differences between diamond and brilliant

Precious jewels such as diamonds will always be a special gift to give on any occasion. Although many times you seek to give one as a gift, but you do not know well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant. Has it happened to you?

diamond and brilliant

If we told you that a diamond is not exactly a diamond, but one of its components. Would you believe it?

We want to give you the necessary answers so that you have no doubts about the differences between diamonds and brilliants.

Do you know what a diamond is?

One way to understand well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant is by knowing what they are, so let’s start with the diamond. This gem is a natural mineral composed of carbon, arranged in a cubic shape.

Diamonds are recognized worldwide as one of the most valuable stones in the jewelry world. For this reason, carvers seek to create the greatest amount of carats of this precious mineral.

Its price is usually so high due to the work and precision involved in making a diamond, but there are other determining elements to calculate its price in the market:

  • Cut and Size
  • Color
  • Purity
  • Weight

In addition, there is nothing on the market of such hardness and elegance in precious jewels than a diamond in all its presentations, without having anything to envy to a gold watch or a silver chain.

What are the characteristics of a brilliant?

You already know the precious mineral in detail, and then let’s get to know what characterizes and denotes the difference between a diamond and a brilliant.

Before we mentioned certain elements that give value to the jewel, such as the cut and size, surely you are wondering, what is the relationship between this and the brilliant?

The most acclaimed type of cut among diamond lovers is the brilliant. Therefore, it is not surprising that people often confuse one with the other, since the brilliant is one of the most distinguished types in the making of this stone.

Difference between diamond and brilliant

In that sense, the difference between a diamond and a brilliant is quite simple. One is the material, that is, the precious stone extracted from the natural ore. While, the other one is the many types of cuts that is achieved by carving accurately.

A carver manages to present the cubic shape of the diamond in different edges, faces or facets and vertices. For example, the octahedron shape comes with 12 edges, 8 triangular facets, and 20 vertices. This work must be very careful in order to maintain a good reflection of the shine on the stone.

How many faces does a diamond have? A brilliant cut diamond has 57 faces or facets, which give it a unique brilliance thanks to its round shape. This cut is ideal for engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Types of cuts in diamonds

The cut of a diamond is an important element because it determines the brightness capacity of a diamond, since according to the arrangement of its faces or facets; the light is better reflected in certain areas of the carved stone.

types of cuts in diamonds

Now that you know the difference between diamond and brilliant, we are going to introduce you to some of the other types of sizes and cuts that you will find in the jewelry market so that you can choose your favorite:

Baguette cut diamond

The baguette cut diamond has a very special rectangular shape in its cuts. With an approximate size of 48 to 50 faces, those are shaped like a ladder.

This type is especially used in rings for its exuberant and peculiar shape, adorning hands in a colorful way.

Heart cut diamond

Who doesn’t like to buy heart-shaped jewelry? As its name suggests, the heart-cut diamond is carved in allusion to this famous figure.

Its 59 sides are made symmetrically, without tarnishing the shine on the precious stone. This cut has left a mark in history since ancient times, being one of the favorite shapes among the nobility.

Marquise cut diamond

The marquise cut diamond is characterized by being an elongated figure with 33 facets, which ends in two points. Due to this element, the carver needs a lot of caution given its fragile shape.

It has the same number of facets as the brilliant, but much less luminous at its tips. Its brightness stands out in the middle of the precious stone.

Oval cut diamond

Among the most characteristic cuts, the oval is similar to the brilliant cut because of its rounded shape with which it is very easy to achieve an extraordinary brilliance on the diamond. It only has 56 facets in its structure.

Princess cut diamond

Diamonds were jewels that previously belonged to royalty. Therefore, it is not strange that one of its cuts has the name of princess.

With its 76 faces it adopts a square pointed figure, which shines like a brilliant cut diamond.

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Brilliant cut diamond: The ideal choice

There are other precious cuts in diamonds with very striking shapes such as the pear-shaped cut, which falls like a tear, along with other very showy cuts such as the cushion and emerald cuts.

Despite the different carvings in this mineral, the brilliant cut remains one of the most acclaimed options in the buying and selling of diamonds.