Know how to wear a watch, an art

The first clocks appear towards the end of the 15th century, but the models of the time were very different from those worn today. Indeed, the first watches were more like watches that had to be worn around the neck, since their size was impressive.

how to wear a watch

Little practical, these were abandoned by pocket watches that were also disappearing with the arrival of wristwatches at the beginning of the 20th century.

The watch as a fashion accessory

Regardless of the model of the time, watches have always been associated with style and elegance.

If some people see more the practical and informative side of the object, others refer to the clock as if it were an authentic object of worship, as precise and refined mechanisms, which are transmitted from generation to generation. Continue reading “Know how to wear a watch, an art”

Women, the watch according to your personality

With a glance at the wrist of any woman and appreciate her watch, we know much of her personality, same which over the years has been formed and that certainly has characterized throughout her life.

Brands for women are more important than for them, but definitely the design and what they want to reflect with this basic accessory is stronger.

women with watch

The classic woman always seeks to look perfect with the already established thing, trust in things that never fail and that over the years has remained within the taste of all. Fashion trends are something you set aside and you simply focus on details like the classic watch, which highlights your unique personality.

Modern, this type of woman seeks to be in trend. She always turns out to be worried about doing that her personality sees impregnation of the most current thing. A fashionable outfit, but especially accessories of singular appearance makes it highlight among others.

The elegant woman, in addition to great personality and sophistication in her style, always shines the finest and best garments, which are also complemented to the perfection and good taste of accessories like the fine finished watch. Her personality is unique and in addition to great style.

women with watch

Original, always concerned with the most sophisticated details. Her goal is to stand out for her authenticity, this without leaving aside the good taste and the excellent combinations on which she brings. Not to go unnoticed makes her maintain an ego within the highest, there is no doubt that has a style to be of this type of woman.

The athlete always concerned for the aesthetics, health and good appearance of her personality to the other. Despite being a woman who focuses on sport as a priority activity, she does not leave out the perfect look even in the moments of exercise, so the combination of a good accessory like the watch complements it perfectly.

5 steps to choosing the best watch for you

The clock is one of the most important accessories, if not the most, for the woman or the business man, since beyond good taste and style, a watch can transmit features of personality.

Do you like the adventure or you throw more to urban life? Are you discreet or do you like to show off what you have? Do you like the innovation or yours is the classic? A watch is much more than a device that tells us the time: it is a mirror of our style in general.

choosing best watch

We share five steps you can follow to choose the perfect watch for you.

Well, before anything else the first thing that you must define is a price range. When you fall in love with a clock is hard to say no and is easier to not spend more if you have a budget in mind.

Step 1. Define style according to usage
What costumes are going to use with the clock? If it is for use with suits (men) or executive outfits (women), a too bulky or sporty clock could clash (eye: there are no rules, and there are combinations that work).

There are three main styles of clock: classic, sporty and designer.

Classic watches tend to be of a golden material, a simple cover and slim body as well as hands and thick numbers.

Designer watches usually have a very peculiar style, because these are born of the imagination of someone famous as the architect and designer Philippe Starck.

Sports watches are usually large, resistant to water (ideal if you like diving) and with thick numbers. These usually have several indicators such as stopwatch. There are both handles and digital.

Step 2. Choose the materials
To go removing options make a list of the combinations of materials that you like.

The bodies usually come in plastic, resins, stainless steel, metals with gold plate; solid metals such as titanium, alternative materials such as ceramics (or wood) or gold with precious stones.

What you choose depends on your personality: If you like classic but with a special touch, the ceramic can be your best option; if you prefer the pure classic, a golden but discreet tone could be more pleasing.

Then you have to choose the belt, but not only based on style, but also with comfort. There are plastic, rubber, specialty metals such as titanium, metallic, exotic skins such as crocodile or natural leather.

Choose the combinations that most adhere to your personality and seeks models based on them.

Step 3. Size matters
Watch size should be appropriate for your complexion. If you are a tall person you will come well models with big covers; if you are short stature a too large watch will look like a child with the clock of your dad.

Similarly, if you are thin-skinned a circular watch might be the perfect choice.

If you are of robust construction a square or rectangular cover provides straight angles.

Step 4. Durability and maintenance
If you want to buy a watch and passing it on to future generations, or simply want to last several years, it is important to know the basics of durability.

Mechanical watches, both manual and automatic, need to be cleaned every three years, but their life is almost infinite.

Quartz watches based operating batteries must receive service whenever you change the battery (from two to five years).

However parts cannot always be repaired: unlike mechanical watches, its life is limited.

Finally, watch of lithium batteries of LID type have a life of approximately 10 years.

choosing best watch

Step 5. Try before you buy it

Golden rule: Never buy a watch before you make sure it looks good.

Sometimes we see a model in Internet and it fascinates us, but to see it since there is something that does not fit. If you’re going to make a good investment in a watch, go to the store with the type of clothing with which you use it. If it is for weekends or playing golf, wear a polo shirt. If it is for working hours, go to the store with a suit or formal dress.

You may find better prices if you shop online, but first try it in a store.

The anatomy of a clock

You’ve probably seen several watches whose description reads: gold bezel, steel case, engraved dial, etc … even sounds like something super sophisticated, and maybe it is, but if you do not know what they mean those terms, you never know really what you are buying, so we took on the task of clarify you those unknowns.

anatomy of a clock

It is the central structure on which is built the clock. Its interior is all engineering that enables a more precise movement. Their shapes are varied, but the most prevalent are square, rectangular and circular.

Also called needles, indicate the passage of time (hours, minutes and seconds). They are subject to the center, this way they have the same reference point when turning. Continue reading “The anatomy of a clock”

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How to detect a fake Rolex watch

Rolex is one of the most famous brands of watches in the world. Partly because of its high quality has led the flag of Swiss watchmaker’s and partly by its glamorous and luxurious designs. Rolex watches have been synonymous with high social status, basically “stay on top”.

rolex watch

Like almost all material things, a symbol is not necessarily the same for all people. For many it is “just a nice watch” and thousands of dollars not spent on something to see the time. For other people have a Rolex is a challenge, it is to “achieve something in life”, and many times this need fall into traps by believing that they do the business of their life and end up buying a fake Rolex. Continue reading “How to detect a fake Rolex watch”

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Removing water and moisture from the face of a watch

Sometimes by small oversights our watches end up full of water or small beads of moisture on the inside, this can cause discomfort by not allowing us to see precisely when, but fortunately, there are simple methods to remove water or moisture from the inside of a watch.

removing water from watch

Before taking any action to remove water from a watch, it is necessary to know if this can not be eliminated by a simple method, for example, first we will place our clock somewhere where the sun will fully stick and wait a while to see if it disappears water, if this does not happen then we will place our watch inside a bag full of rice, this will help absorb water inside the watch. Continue reading “Removing water and moisture from the face of a watch”

How to wear a stylish watch

It does not seem difficult to answer this question; however, there are certain considerations that we must look to keep a watch on our wrist. Until recently an essential complement to a man but today it has become an accessory which is a style statement.

In today’s post we will give some interesting details along with some recommendations that we feel is worthwhile to knowing to wear a stylish watch.

wear stylish watch

Generally, the clock is usually placed on the left hand. The origin of this preference goes back to the year 1904 when Louis Cartier created the first wrist watch commissioned by the Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos Dumont. These clocks operated by winding and should be adjusted by hand using a crown that was placed on your right. The future owner of the Cartier watch was skillful and therefore needed the clock was on the left side to adjust easily. Continue reading “How to wear a stylish watch”

The clock is more than an accessory, choosing the perfect one

The watch is an accessory that is useful for all men and women. Thanks to it that we can always be aware of the time and hour to reach important places such as work or our personal appointments. When choosing a watch for gift or for us, it is important to know some tips to help choose the suitable model:


  • When you give a watch, you must know the person, because this accessory is very personal.
  • Bracelet watches are very fashionable, provided the style of clothing that you use is informal or casual.
  • Do you want brand watches and fashion watches? Classic or modern? It depends on how is the personality of the wearer, many women prefer to collect clocks of all colors to match with every look, others prefer brand watches, classic colors like metallic silver or steel of various brands and which it is combinable with all styles of clothing.
  • Continue reading “The clock is more than an accessory, choosing the perfect one”

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How to Avoid Buying Fake Watches

For some, good watches tend to symbolize their status, enhancing their appearance. This is why for many people, wearing a watch is something that completes them. Likewise, if you consider yourself such a person, here is an interesting point to note: the market is full of replicas and fake watches that appear as good as the original ones. So the next time you go for shopping, make sure you are able to spot an original watch from a fake one.

Additionally, here are some steps that can help you identify the traits of a genuine watch:

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with Quality
To avoid being scammed, it is better that you learn more about genuine watches, especially a brand that you love to wear. For example, you can choose to visit a retailer that sells original watches and ask the sales persons regarding all its “unique” factors that set it apart from other watches. Additionally, there is a lot of information available on the internet (by different watch makers and brands), which lets buyers determine the originality of the watches. So, it is important that you have a look at the factors that can help you determine whether a watch is genuine or not.

Step 2: Always Perform a Detailed Inspection of a Watch
Genuine watches consist of at least a single signature element that can never be copied. As such, if you are able to identify that element, you will always be able tell the difference between an original watch and a replica.

As such, when buying a watch, you should perform a thorough inspection of the engravings and inscriptions present at the back and the face of the watch. Keep in mind that an original watch will never consist of unclear engravings or smeared inscriptions. Furthermore, if there are letter substitutions and typos in inscriptions and brand names, this is a sign that the watch is fake.


For example, Citizen wrist watches consist of specific case back markings that signify their originality. This may include a serial number, model number and a case factory mark.

Step 3: Always Pay Close Attention to the Functionalities of the Timepiece
Many watches are prominent due to their specific features, for example, a sweep second hand or a tick style hand. So, whenever selecting the right watch, make sure you check these things out.


For example, Rado watches are made with very smooth winders, a fake watch on the other hand will have anything but.

Step 4: Inspect Watch Movement
If you want to purchase a mechanical watch, try looking under its case. A fake watch may have consistent movements, but of low quality. This means you will have to constantly adjust time.

watch movement

For example, Hamilton watches are well renowned for their top-quality mechanical movements that can never be perfectly replicated by a replica.

In conclusion, it is easy and simple to distinguish an original watch from a fake one. All you have to do is take note of the mentioned steps, which will help you buy the right product.

Where can I find an affordable quality watch?

Our schedules today are one of the most important things in our lives, and staying prompt and where you need to be at the right time is important. Luckily, you can keep yourself punctual while still having a stylish accessory. Though some people have grown accustomed to using their mobile device to keep them conscious of what time it is, there are others who still prefer wearing a watch. Watches are not only a functional piece of jewelry, but they are a great fashion accessory!

quality watch

Do I have to pay top of the line to get a good watch?
Absolutely not! Some people think that to get something that is made with high-quality products, you have to pay an expensive price. Most of the time what these people are paying for is not quality, it is a brand name. There is nothing wrong with buying brand name watches, but you can also find quality watches that will not break your bank. Continue reading “Where can I find an affordable quality watch?”