The magnificent tiaras of Luxembourg

tiaras of luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country in Central Europe, which borders France, Germany and Belgium. Given this location, its history has been closely related to these countries and even in some moments has been part of these. At the moment the country is governed under a form of government of Constitutional and Parliamentary Monarchy, being located like the unique sovereign duchy at present. The head of state is the Grand Duke and the whole royal family acquires the treatment of “his royal highness”. Continue reading “The magnificent tiaras of Luxembourg”

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Tiaras for wedding: feel like a princess

Surely you ever dream since childhood to become a real princess. The beautiful stories that our fathers told us, the famous animated films were carried out by them. And it is that once you dress a true daughter of kings or the wife of a future king and you played at some point occupy the throne.

tiaras for wedding

With the passing of the years you realize that the reality is different, that princesses are not those with which you dreamed one day and that their role is more tedious and difficult than you thought as a child, besides, become a real princess is something that get very few. But still the word princess summarized elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and special women something that, sure you’ve got to be, although not possessing a title of nobility. Continue reading “Tiaras for wedding: feel like a princess”

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How to choose a wedding tiara

The wedding tiara is usually an essential complement to many brides on their wedding day. Especially those who want to show a romantic and distinguished look, where an important jewel is the tiara of the styling of the bride.

choose wedding tiara

It is true that many brides who think it is difficult to choose a piece of these features, as well, we associate it many times to royal weddings mainly, and do not know how to integrate them into our bridal look. If so, don’t worry, we’re going to show that the tiaras are not of the royal houses, and if you want to be a princess also, we’ll give you some advice that surely helpful when you wear one of those wonderful diamonds tiaras on your wedding day. Continue reading “How to choose a wedding tiara”

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The hair accessories that you can not miss

Are you bored with your look but you will not dare to cut your long hair? Here we have the perfect solution: use hair accessories. If you want to surprise everyone, we tell you what hair accessories you can not miss this season.

hair accessories

The headband scarves will take over many of the looks this summer, especially of those who may be more Bohemian. It is a brightly colored scarf or a floral print that holds hair back and leaves the face completely uncovered. Many celebrities have worn this style accessory at festivals when they choose more hippies and bohemian styles. Continue reading “The hair accessories that you can not miss”