Rings: Is it good to wearing long time in the hands?

The rings are often used only as a decorative accessory in our hands, or symbols of marital union or under a ritual, but the use of the ring in some people have to do with traits of his personality and symbol of some belief. But how good it is to use them all the time?

wearing rings long time

The human being is an entity that tends to go with customs and traditions, I say the word “entity” because sometimes we become so foolish with the obsessions of the beliefs that we put at risk our own body to pay worship to other speeches that ultimately is the explanation of most of the customs and practices of life, the speech. Continue reading “Rings: Is it good to wearing long time in the hands?”

Takes multiple rings with style

Accessories are the key to bringing an outfit to its highest level. We give you the keys to fill your hand of rings as a complete pro.

We love the looks in layers, either in our clothes, hair… or our accessories! Sure you have more than one ring that still kept waiting to make his triumphant return, no more!

multiple rings

Thanks to stackable rings, you can show off some hands that will give extra touch to your look. Notes some keys to boast multiple rings.

Start with the most precious…

Whether you have an engagement ring that you inherited from your mother or one that has a special meaning, give it the place that deserves in your hand. This goes on your ring or middle finger.

In addition, so you create the perfect base to play more small and delicate parts.

Mix metals…

No matter if you are using gold and silver along your hand or a finger, this “balanced disorder” are your choice and give it that personal touch.

Or do not do it…

It is perfect if you want to maintain harmony and follow a single color scheme, as in gold.

Just make sure you play with the proportions, the combined thick rings with delicate pieces ensure that your look will not fall into monotony.

Incorporates texture…

Delicate and simple rings such as love rings, sunflower rings or secret message rings are pretty cute, but those who play with the shapes are more interesting.

multiple rings

Why not try some midi rings? In your index and ring fingers concentrated thicker rings and plays with the slimmest in the little finger and thumb.

Finish with an incredible varnish…

This is the final touch for your combination of rings, because although it is a simple touch, looks great.

Contrary to what you might think, it was worth only use clear varnish and leaves your rings to do their own thing.

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Five tips for choosing the perfect ring

The rings are beautiful jewels which by its design we can fall in love, but before you include it in your jewelry collection must take into account certain aspects. Issues such as the proportions of your hands that will be the guide to choosing the perfect ring. Take note!

choosing perfect ring

First of all and before acquiring the ring that you want to buy, it is very important that you try it with manicure done and that appearance is not the same. A good ring will draw attention to your hands, so it is important to have beautiful and manicured nails. Continue reading “Five tips for choosing the perfect ring”

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Wedding Ring in Canada

When you are considering purchasing an engagement there are certain aspects about the ring that you should understand. The four “c’s” refer to the most important characteristics of a ring, which each must be considered to ensure an excellent selection is made. So what are the four c’s you may ask?

diamond wedding cut

  1. Cut
  2. Color
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat

These are the four criteria that are used to grade a diamond. The system was originally developed by the GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, and quickly adopted by the entire jewelers industry. Continue reading “Things to Consider When Purchasing a Wedding Ring in Canada”

How to choose the perfect ring

Most come in gold or platinum, which are the most modern, then there are non-precious metals, which usually have designs with a more classic look.

choose perfect ring

Gold Rings
These are the traditional option chosen by men and women, for special occasions such as graduations, engagements and marriages. You’ll find rings in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The warm look of yellow gold is an attractive option for darker skin tones. Rings made of platinum or white gold can complement very well the lighter skin tones. Couples often choose alliances of white gold as an alternative to Platinum Rings because it’s look similar and cost less.

Depending on how increase the carat in weight, price, color vibrancy and purity also increase. However, its durability decreases. Continue reading “How to choose the perfect ring”

Five Things No-One Tells You About Buying an Engagement Ring

Despite the joy and excitement that comes with popping the big question, you may feel a lot of anticipation at the same time. Men tend to go through quite a rollercoaster of emotions in the days and weeks leading up to the ‘big ask’, and it is often thought that this period is more important to a man than the run up to the wedding himself. So, if you are planning on buying an engagement or wedding ring for your girlfriend, what do you need to know in advance? Keep reading to find out.

buying engagement ring

Photo by Michelangelo Carrieri

You’ll Feel the Need for Input from Friends
The minute you decide to propose to your loved one, you’ll feel an instant desire to speak to friends who have already proposed. Even if you are a private person, you will feel a lot better if you can confide in someone that you trust. Previously engaged friends are the ideal people to ask for jeweller recommendations, and you may even want to take one of them along whilst you look for a ring to provide support. Continue reading “Five Things No-One Tells You About Buying an Engagement Ring”

The latest trends in rings for this summer

Today we want to talk fashion and trends, but rings, a perfect complement to beautify hands.

And is that the latest trends in rings and other jewelry and accessories will give you the opportunity to know how to dress well at 30, at 40, at 20, 60 or any other age, which is essential to always be beautiful and boast of a great beauty.

double rings

Want to know more about these supplements ideal for summer and find out what the latest trends in rings? Then do not miss these deals!

Double rings
Although it must be quite uncomfortable in the market we can find double rings, i.e. jewels that instead of being placed on a finger occupy a total of two phalanges. Continue reading “The latest trends in rings for this summer”

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Yellow Gold is an alternative that is fashion, in the preparation of engagement diamond rings, even though more than one decade, white gold has dominated the production of pieces of jewelry, and lately there is a new trend in the manufacture of rose gold wedding rings, another variable of gold, increasingly fashionable.

yellow gold ring

The origin of first gold or 18K, i.e., the one used in jewelry, is always the same regardless of color, because the base is in all 3/4 parts of pure gold or 24K.

The fourth, the hardening part remaining as pure or fine gold is extremely malleable characteristic that makes it not useful in the manufacture of jewelry; it is what determines the color of the precious metal. Continue reading “YELLOW GOLD RINGS”

Shopping For Tension Titanium Rings

When you shop for jewellery you have loads of choices, which helps to ensure that whatever you are looking for there will be something to suit you. Often we tend to go for affordable, fashion choices when it comes to jewellery but sometimes we need something a bit more special and luxurious.

tension titanium rings

If you’re looking for something special such as a wedding bands or engagement rings then it stands to reason you are going to want something that is going to last forever. Often something like tension titanium rings can be the best choice for this.

Why Tension Set Titanium Rings?
For starters titanium is a metal that not only looks good, but it is sturdy and strong. This means you can buy with confidence that it is going to last well and keep its shape, which is exactly what you need when it comes to a ring like this, for a special occasion. Continue reading “Shopping For Tension Titanium Rings”

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The power of the rings

This season, the ring is the jewel queen, but do not take just one, takes many! The trend is the midi ring, which is worn on the knuckles, combined with very finite silver or gold rings in the rest of the fingers.

fine rings

Many brands such as Makedoonia or Asos are launching many models of such rings: gold, silver and rose gold, with heart shapes, loop, infinity, twisted, smooth, etc. Continue reading “The power of the rings”