Symbols jewelry

Jewelry is not only the expression of trends and tastes. Historically it has been used to represent other religious symbols and the most diverse.

symbols jewelry

The most common symbols in religion crosses are so frequent in necklaces and bracelets or rings. The images of saints flooded the windows of jewelers medals minted in various materials and sizes as a symbol of the Catholic religion. In the same way as the Star of David represents the Jewish religion, not to mention Islam. Continue reading “Symbols jewelry”

Animal patterns: The sight of new jewelry

For a couple of seasons to date the animals have been elegantly located on different jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. It is quite common to find designs with the figure of any or its appendices (wings, claws, teeth, etc).

animal patterns

Animals have definitely claimed their space in the world of fashion and jewelry especially. When in past seasons, it was common to find bulky animal-shaped metallic jewelry; currently we see them in the form of delicate jewelry with multicolored stones enhancing its details. So we surprised bold and valuable pieces with Lapis lazuli stones are the multicolored sapphires and of course, emeralds. Continue reading “Animal patterns: The sight of new jewelry”

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Essential ornament: Feather Belt

A single accessory can make the difference in styling. This is a maximum in the case of fashion, which is true when one of the key highlights complements on the rest of the clothes, giving it a special air. Whether pieces of jewelry – earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces or even brooches, special shoes or bag do not go unnoticed, an ornament is always a good investment when it comes to highlight as a star complement.

golden feather

Although during seasons have been the forgotten, the belts come hard and stand as essential decorations for the winter months. However, far from being a purely functional accessory to hold dresses or pants now appear as real gems. Continue reading “Essential ornament: Feather Belt”

The Coral

The coral is a semi-precious stone used in jewelry to create beautiful accessories, due to the intricate forms already adopting its soft color. This marine jewel could disappear in the near future, due to the intense removal that is being carried out, both by the coral, as by poachers.

coral jewelry

What is coral?
Coral is a small marine animal belonging to the same phylum jellyfish (phylum Cnidaria) and are collected in large colonies. Each animal does not measure more than a few millimeters, and thanks to the calcium content in seawater, secretes a shell composed of calcium carbonate, which is what gives rise to the jewel that we see in the shop windows. Continue reading “The Coral”

Jewelry: As Transient As It Is Permanent

Jewelry is a transient art form. And buying handmade jewelry is one of my contributions to the circle of life and art. I have bought, been given and lost so much jewelry over the years that the last time I lost a ring I no longer felt any sadness. I hoped only that the person that found it would enjoy it as much as I had. Come to think of it, I believe the last ring I lost I had actually also found, so I’m sure that helped a bit.

The first ring I can remember loosing was a snake ring that my brother Alex had given to me for my birthday. I must have been only about thirteen or fourteen when he gave it to me. It was a beautiful silver snake that never connected, but wrapped around my finger. I could initially re-size it to any finger and its perfect little head and two eyes would look up at me when I looked down at it on my hand. It made me feel like a goddess of nature; I had the power to command the animals! It was also special because it was a gift from my younger brother, it was such a thoughtful present and he must have saved up to purchase it for me. Continue reading “Jewelry: As Transient As It Is Permanent”

The Sardinian Jasper, symbol of Scorpio

The Sardinian Jasper is the stone that gives meaning to the sign of Scorpio. We know that the stones that correspond to each zodiac sign have a special energy and Jasper Sardo is one of them. It is a gem that gives a lot of power for life and even gives a prolonged old age. It brings balance to the sexual life of its owner and improves the health of the sexual organs.

Sardinian Jasper

The sign of Scorpio should use to achieve balance and settlement, especially after a psychic or spiritual work. In general, used or carried to stimulate mental processes and repress desires or whims dangerous that could lead to risky situations. It has the power to give confidence to the sign of Scorpio; it gives protection, healing and beauty. It has a great energy that helps this earth element to be more receptive. Continue reading “The Sardinian Jasper, symbol of Scorpio”

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Ruby Cufflinks

The cufflinks are articulated pins designed to unite the four fists that ends each a double cuff shirt or a mixed fist shirt sleeve. Along with the ring, tie pin and the clock, the cufflinks is one of the few jewels that men can look if they want to stay in elegance.

Ruby Cufflinks

The cufflinks are composed of two joined by a small pin that allows you to rotate one of the parties to close the cuffs after entering through the button holes. This quality of movement means that not all metals are suitable for making cufflinks.

The visible part is usually larger than the hidden part. The pin can be of various styles: can be a small piece that fits through the hole like a button or two pieces are separated and united through the buttonhole. Continue reading “Ruby Cufflinks”

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Amethyst: Pisces symbol

Amethyst is a gemstone belonging to the family of quartz. That’s why Amethyst has the ability to polarize the positive energy and brings energy, balance and spirituality.


This is a stone that is linked to the third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead, and it helps to have an objective view of situations and restores psychic harmony. Amethyst, reinforcing the sense of reality of the Pisces, drives them to confront the difficult circumstances, peaceful spirit and attenuates or controlling passions. Continue reading “Amethyst: Pisces symbol”

Onyx: Use to dissolve negative energy

If you believe in the powers of stones, will like to know that Onyx is known for attracting negative energies by absorbing them and dissolving them. Cool, right? This stone belongs to the family of microcrystalline quartz. In jewelry, the stones entirely black are more usual. But there are onyx striped brown and white or black and white.


Since the times of Ancient Egypt, the Onyx is known for their supposed spiritual powers. The Greeks believed that it guarantee powers about loving partner. Among the Romans it was a stone of protection that helped get clear in time to make decisions. Continue reading “Onyx: Use to dissolve negative energy”

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For an amazing hairstyle, hair jewelry

Whenever we think of making a different hairstyle, just think of braids, buns, tails … But what about a bit out of the commonplace and adorn the locks with a gorgeous accessory?

Called “hair jewels”, the jewels made to adorn the hair add a touch of delicacy and sophistication to the hairstyle. Its have been around since ancient times, and were worn by both men and women. However, over the years, the accessory evolved and eventually became the exclusive feminine universe. There are many versions of adornments, and also many ways to use! For example, the Zephyr comb Noble Gold with cognac diamonds can be used to attach the side hair and then finalize a bun like Jessica Alba wore to a red carpet event, take a look:

hair jewelry

The collection Zephyr also has clips that are super versatile and can be used together, creating a very interesting and modern. Already tiara, which is made with a flexible strip of chamois (a species of suede) makes any woman look hot out of a fairy tale. The cool thing is that it gives for use with braid, bun or loose hair.

hair jewelry

And, to give a contemporary touch to the super ponytail and braid; what about to finish them with a ring? It is incredible! And the interesting thing is that you can leverage rings that already have, giving a new use for them. Yellow gold are great suggestions! Ah, for safety – after all if the ring is a precious jewel! – A good tip is to hold the piece with a “invisible” clip at the bottom, preventing it from falling.

hair jewelry

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