The jewelry with tourmaline, perfect for any occasion

Tourmaline is a precious gem of the silicate family. Its name comes given by the Sinhalese term “turmali” that means “stone of several mixed colors”.

tourmaline jewelry

As for its history, the first reference gives us the philosopher Theophrastus, with the name Lyngurion, that identified this gem with the property to attract the straw. In addition, one of its most well-known characteristics is that when it is heated, ash and pieces of wood arise because of its pyroelectric quality. In the eighteenth century was also known for this property with the Dutch term “asshentrekker” or “strip ash”. Continue reading “The jewelry with tourmaline, perfect for any occasion”

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Bohemia Jewelry: What it is, characteristics, how to combine

While bohemian jewelry began as a way to simplify and create very basic jewelry designs, at the present time is has been changing a bit this style but keeping the simple designs.

use bohemian jewelry

Features of the Bohemian jewelry
Keeping a bohemian style was reference to use what we like and not necessarily what is fashionable, however, some designers have been entrusted with the task of making this style trend, so that now many do not only used to distinguish it from the rest but as fashion.

Bohemian jewelry is characterized by a lot of feathers, leather, raw stones, treated stones… and all materials used in the bohemian jewelry are very natural. Continue reading “Bohemia Jewelry: What it is, characteristics, how to combine”

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Types of Labret Piercing

While most people are enhanced by the mysterious appeal of labret piercing and the bold statement it portrays, only a handful of people are acquainted with the different types of labret piercings and how they complement the contours of their face.

labret piercings

No matter which style you opt for, labret piercings can greatly vamp up your style and render uniqueness to your persona. However, knowing each type would help you take a better decision. Let’s take a look at the different types of labret piercings, what kind of jewelry complements each type, and what differentiates them:

Standard (Horizontal) Labret Piercings
The most standard form of labret piercing is located directly beneath the center of your lower lip. The hole is located horizontally, roughly 1/4″-1/2″ beneath the lower lip. Some people opt to flaunt labret studs, but there are plethoras of striking jewelry pieces you can adorn your labret piercing with. You can go for a labret lip loop, or you can greatly define your style with a snug-fitting hoop, like a seamless ring or a segment. Continue reading “Types of Labret Piercing”

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Punk accessories for transgressing

The famous do not stop to surprise us with new looks and daring accessories, as the punk accessories. If a few months ago we told you about the ear cuffs, an accessory that was triumphing among the stars, today we speak of these and other accessories only suitable for offending women and with much attitude.

punk accessories

Piercings are a complement to very bold and which are inspired by the counterculture and the punk aesthetic. Although they are associated with alternative and transgressive women increasingly being accepted in our society: there are even celebrities who have dared to wear them, as the septum. This type of fixture is sprayed into the nose, and can be a single ring or have shapes and rhinestones. Continue reading “Punk accessories for transgressing”

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Buying Semi Precious Stones

The semi-precious stone market is endlessly diverse. These stones can have a variety of appearances and personal meanings to the buyer. If you are newly in the market for one of these, it’s a good idea to learn something about the market. You’ll make a better buy, and make sure that you’ve chosen something that you or a loved one will truly cherish.

semi precious stones

What are Semi-precious Gems?

Gems are considered precious due to their beauty and rarity. Other, more plentiful stones, still have great beauty, but due to their natural availability, will not command as high a price as diamonds or emeralds. These stones, like amethysts for example, will fluctuate in price according to market demands and the discovery of new reserves. Continue reading “Buying Semi Precious Stones”

Little things with great importance

The jewel, that magical element that makes you shine every day, that illuminates the face, arrange a outfit or simply has the magical power to make you feel special.

little jewelry

There is a new season and need to renew the wardrobe, but nobody talks about the jeweler and clearly, there is jewelry for life but there are other trends which are most appropriate in according to season. Continue reading “Little things with great importance”

Jewelry trends for fall

Do you want to know the latest in jewelry? Here we discuss jewelry trends for fall 2014 – 2015 so that you can be fashionable.

It seems that for this next season everything is permitted, especially in the world of jewelry. XXL or oversized jewelry will be, such as useful to get any monochrome look, sober and boring.

fall jewelry

However, the jewelry inspired by geometric shapes also has some prominence: straight necklaces, bracelets that draw triangles, circles… will become a must-have for next season. Continue reading “Jewelry trends for fall”

Jewelry for the skin, the latest trend of this summer

Will you give your image a chic inimitable? Let to buy clothing for the very latest, even clothing and accessories, if you want to transform your look in the most chic of the time, join us in the new revolution of the summer : jewels for the skin. Do you know?

jewelry for skin

Body decoration through jewels attached to your skin is the latest trend of this summer which can become the center of attention. For those who do not know it, it comes to temporary tattoos lasting from four to six days, which may transform your look at the time in the most chic. Continue reading “Jewelry for the skin, the latest trend of this summer”

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Kicking Fashion Back In Gear For Mothers

Fashion, similar to almost every other industry is always changing, growing, and evolving. It’s not a simple task to just wrap your hands around, and stay with the moving times. They are always new styles, more popular concepts, trends, and more. The details are so vast and complex that it can definitely be a hassle to keep up with, and it seems only those who are really on the inside know how to stay ahead of the game.

jewelry for mom

Fortunately fashion isn’t as ruthless as it sounds for the everyday person; we just want to have a general grasp on what’s in what’s out, and what we enjoy wearing. This sounds simple enough. With the heels of fashion always on the move, however, it is easily attributed to young ambitious individuals, and often times those of an older generation are forgotten. We’re talking about mothers. Everyday fashion appears so targeted on the classic concept of the “young and beautiful” that mothers who very well may want to fall into a pocket or style can find trouble doing so. Continue reading “Kicking Fashion Back In Gear For Mothers”

Different Types of Mothers Jewelry that Speaks from the Heart

Mothers are the most important people in the world. They are the original superhero. They give birth to every human being on the planet and spend the rest of their lives looking after and caring for these people. They often have jobs outside of their domestic work as well. They cook, they clean, they help their children with their homework, they deal with first aid at home, care for the pets, deal with the finances and a whole host of other things.

mothers jewelry

It is no wonder, looking at it that way, that mothers require a little bit of special care and attention every once in a while. And what better way to say thank you for everything than with some stunning mother’s jewelry? Continue reading “Different Types of Mothers Jewelry that Speaks from the Heart”

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