Tips for the maintenance of the Jewels

The jewels are valuable object, and at the same time, these are delicate and expensive objects. Precisely for this reason it is so important to take care of the state of the jewels, to deal with the maintenance, the cleaning and the good storage of the jewels is critical for the life and the “health” of the same ones. Whether these are jewelry for an occasion, or your daily jewelry, require attention. Here we give some advice to the good conservation of your jewelry:

maintenance jewels

– Jewels are delicate, treat them gently and carefully when handle them.

– It is not good to apply chemicals directly to jewelry, try to remove when you wash your hands or wear perfume or use beauty creams. The particles of creams and cosmetics can be embedded in the hollows of the jewels until it corrode them over time, resulting in a premature wear of the metal. Continue reading “Tips for the maintenance of the Jewels”

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Buy jewelry and know how

If you are wondering how to buy jewelry, you are right. Because today the world of jewelry is so global and complex that sometimes it is good to let you advise. The quantity and variety of jewelry models, designs, collections and jewelry brands that are available in the market is immense.

tips to buy jewelry

So, today we are going to leave you some tips to buy jewelry. Here’s our list of tips:

1. Think well in the tastes of the person for whom you are going to buy jewelry, especially if it is an important gift for a loved one. The recipient of the gift or jewel is very important in the choice. It’s easy to fall into the trap and buy a jewel that you like, without thinking about what he or she will like. Let’s summarize: think of the tastes of the person who is going to wear the jewel in question. Continue reading “Buy jewelry and know how”

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The rhodium bath in your jewelry

The rhodium bath is a process of electrolysis by immersion of jewelry, widely used in fine jewelry for high quality finishes. Not only does it help protect your jewelry, but it whitens the pieces in a very special way, beautifying and giving life to your jewels.

rhodium bath

In this article we explain to you what this rhodium bath consists of, and everything you can do for your jewelry.

What is rhodium
Rhodium is a silver-colored metal, of the platinum family. It is, though surprise you, of one of the most expensive metals in the world because of its scarcity. Continue reading “The rhodium bath in your jewelry”

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How to clean onyx stones?

Keep clean our jewels or crystals are important, so we bring you these tips to clean the onyx stones. They are ideal for you to show off again dazzling crystals!

clean onyx stones

First of all should know that the Onyx is somewhat fragile, so it can be damaged, broken or easily scratched because of its porous surface, so care must be taken during cleaning.

It may be that the Onyx you have only a stone with dyed agate, this is very common today, but even so it must be cleaned as if it was an authentic onyx. Continue reading “How to clean onyx stones?”

Gems and costume jewelry wear to a party

If you want to get a sleek and sophisticated look for a gala dinner, a wedding or a special occasion, do not forget your accessories and jewelries.

A dress nice requests a hairstyle and makeup chord but also some complement type gems or fashion jewelry (either earrings, pendant, bracelet or choker) to give you that sophisticated point that distinguishes a chance of a more formal look.

jewelry wear to a party

What gem to choose? No need to bring up a diamond chain or solid gold, it is not a matter of look something very expensive, but have style. However, we recommend leaving the plastic beads or scrap at home because there is nothing to spoil more a nice dress than a cheesy complements or tacky shoes. Exceptionally, some clothes can look very beautiful with hanging feathers and crystals, leather or even wood… but this is already a matter of common sense; simple and summer dresses combine well with ethnic jewelry (that if you do not get many colorful feather or look like a peacock).

Generally, if the dress is very colorful print or very attractive, it is better to opt for discrete jewels while if it is monochrome or simple cut, the ideal is to opt for a little more showy jewelry to get a point of glamour.

No need to carry a complete set of earrings, bracelet and necklace. You can get some beautiful earrings and not to carry anything in the neck. What suggest is that if you’re going to show both things, do not have the same size. If you’re wearing colorful pendant your earrings must combine with it but be tiny (and conversely, if our earrings are very showy is best to choose a tiny pendant).

jewelry wear to a party

Gold, antique silver or pearls, combined with everything. There are girls who wear gold jewelry does not convince too much because they identify them with older women. Some prefer those manufactured in gold white, much more modern and youthful. You should also look out for in the design of the jewel; the most pure and simple lines are more current while the more baroque and goldsmiths correspond to antique jewelry.

The vintage jewelry with details in bronze, pasta flowers, small motives of ceramics or crystal, is lovely for a romantic look and usually carries during the day but at night it can go unnoticed and somewhat opaque.

Anyway, about tastes there is nothing written. We must lose our fear to bring together garments as complements to combine. The only rule is to try to not get overloaded as far as possible and ensure that all accessories that we show combined together.

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How to combine jewelry and accessories with style

Any garment, however simple it may be more sophisticated and glamorous if we adorned with a jewel or accessory that combines well with our dress and hairstyle. We really do not need to invest a lot of money to get that detailed image; it is a matter of style and originality.

combine jewelry

From noble materials such as gold or silver, semi-precious jewelry, jet, ivory or Swarovski Crystal, the possibilities are endless. But everyday wear clothing like cotton, knitted or texans also support a touch of coquetry. In this case you can decide for costume jewelry, plastic earrings in different colors, amber, wood or porcelain beads necklaces or accessories more eye-catching and original to basis of feathers, leather and reasons of fantasy. Continue reading “How to combine jewelry and accessories with style”

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Jewels Are Revolving As A Woman’s Best Friend Always

Women all over the world have held jewelry close to their heart be it a diamond ring or a pearl pendent. While comes to selection of jewelry, she takes extreme care to see that what she buys is the best that she can afford. Many jewelry shops have come up all over the world catering to wide variety of interests and tastes of people. Some may like heavy ethnic jewelry and some prefer light contemporary design to suit their physique and occasions.

Jewelry woman best friend

Irrespective of rising gold and diamond prices, our investment in jewelry will never come down and will continue to rise for the years to come. Important occasions are remembered better when you get a gift of jewelry or you gift someone a precious item and a diamond ring in particular serves as the best gift be it any occasion and for all age groups for both men and women. Continue reading “Jewels Are Revolving As A Woman’s Best Friend Always”

How to combine the jewels with the color of your skin?

When choosing jewelry (pendants, earrings, rings) must take into account many factors:

  • How it combined with your hair?
  • How it combined with your cleavage?
  • How it combined with the shape of your face and the length of your neck?
  • How it combined with the garment?
  • How it combined with the shape of your hands and fingers (for rings)?

combine jewelry

And then, of course, are your own tastes in matter of jewelry.

But one factor you should never forget is the skin. In summer, this is when more you show skin, and have more brown.

So we go with some tips that will help illuminate summer evenings! Continue reading “How to combine the jewels with the color of your skin?”

Jewelry: Accessories that are also Investments

It is not as popular as it once was to invest in jewelry. A few decades ago, it would not be difficult to find families that had passed down valuable heirlooms from generation to generation. Of course, this was partly due to sentimental value. It was also well known, however, that certain types of jewelry could easily be used as collateral during times of financial hardship.

jewelry for investment

This is why people used to buy gold chains, necklaces and rings. It was not just for ornamental purposes but also a safeguard against the future economic situation. This practice might be dying down but there is no need for you not to continue the tradition. Much like with all types of investments, however, there are certain procedures for you to follow. This will help to make sure that you have made the right investment. Here is what you need to do:

Material Quality

When you are buying jewelry for investment purposes, it is best to get the highest quality of materials. It is up to you about what precious metal or stone that you choose. It is best to ensure that there are of a good quality or clarity. This will help for these accessories to be worth considerably more.

It can be tempting to focus on how shiny a ring is or how large the diamond. What really matters, however, is what karat the gold is and how much clarity the diamond has. These are what will truly determine how much each piece is actually worth.


It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This does not change the fact that good craftsmanship is not a characteristic that you can argue about. It is often quite easy to tell when something has been made with a great deal of care and when something has not.

It is also important to think about when you are considering styles. A good craftsman is going to know how to create something that is lovely and classic and that will withstand the test of time. You should avoid buying something that is ‘in fashion’ or too modern. These fashions may not continue and it will leave your possessions essentially worthless. It is always best to purchase a piece that is truly timeless.


There is a certain reason that certain brand names are more well-known than others. Take Tiffany’s for example, it is quite possible that most people (spanning countries and generations) are aware of the popular jewelry brand. When something is well reputed, people are willing to pay a greater deal of money.

Such jewelry also ages a great deal better than lesser known brands. For instance, people may often pay more for vintage items of important brands rather than the newer items. This is just one other thing that you need to think about when looking at where to buy your investment jewelry from.

These pointers will help you greatly when it comes to picking accessories that can also be considered investments. You will be able to choose something that is beautiful and elegant but also will work well if you are in financial straits.

The best earrings for babies

Baby earrings are an ideal gift when a new member joins the family. However, before the placement of these many doubts arise since not all earrings are appropriate for a baby. Doubts that today we would like to give answer.

These are some of the most common questions:

earrings for babies

Is not she too small to put earrings?

Normally this question is motivated by the fear of the pain mother can feel the baby against placing earrings. Do not be afraid, she will not know. An ear of the baby is very soft and the slope put it just barely notice. The sooner the better. Continue reading “The best earrings for babies”