Round straw bag: Must have of the season

It is a fact. The round straw bag has become, almost inadvertently, a mus thave complement for this season. With this new model, we forget the classic basket or carrycot and say hello! to the circular bag. It is a bag that is causing fury and that combines with almost any look. Are you aiming for the trend?

round straw bag

New trend: Round straw bag

We have been around for three years with a trend that has been changing but revolving around a complement: the straw carrycot. Throughout these years have varied in size, patterns or styles, but this year has hit the big change. Now it is not a carrycot, but around bag of straw. We see it in many sizes, so it can be a handbag or a large bag. Like the carrycot, it is a very versatile accessory that blends perfectly with almost any look. Continue reading “Round straw bag: Must have of the season”

Tips for choosing the best bag for you

We go to a shop where sell plenty of handbags and we immediately felt disoriented… Which one to choose? Color, black or white, large, small, with inside pockets or without them… In this note we give some guidelines for you to invest your money well and can choose the best bag for you.

choosing the best bag

The questions: One or several? Classic or modern?

Neutral colors
First of all, you should ask yourself if your bag is the only one which you will have or if you will be able to go changing it with others. In the second case, you are free to choose; but if you think always use the same, you should be more careful. It is best to aim it safe: try to choose a more neutral color, such as black, combining with the whole palette, or beige, which is fine with a basic garment as a blue jean. Continue reading “Tips for choosing the best bag for you”

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Choose clutch to complete your party look

One of the cool complements to complete the dress that worked hard to find, is the clutch. The undisputed king of the party bags, in particular, for our looks, reinvents it in two very different and original formats.

choose clutch

On the one hand, we find more geometric format, named for its most usual straight – the most common is always longer rectangle, play straight or triangular cuts and pure and simple lines. However, we can give a plus to this trend in several ways: betting on single color, as the ASOS velvet clutch; full advantage of the format, such as Zara black bag that combines different textures and cuts to quality results; and, finally, show its version more glitter and female; as red textured leather clutch and metallic line New Look to find at ASOS. Continue reading “Choose clutch to complete your party look”