Platinum Vs Gold: What are the differences?

Metallic jewelry is derived from a specific variety of so-called precious metals. These have a brightness and color that is unique to each other, as well as different characteristics. By comparing platinum vs gold you will have an idea of what each of these valuable minerals is like.

Physical characteristics of platinum vs gold

The gold against platinum is the highest scale at which it aims to have a jewel beyond embedded gems. The main reason is their elegant appearance, endowed in turn with prestige as they are considered valuable throughout their history. However, the differences between platinum with gold are important when choosing a jewel. These are the main ones:

platinum vs gold

Color of metals

In its natural state, gold has an almost unmistakable strong yellow hue, although it is possible to find some jewels made from other alloys with a similar color. To know if it is authentic, there are different ways to know if a jewel is made of gold and thus be sure. As for the pieces already manufactured in this material, their color usually varies depending on the purity.

The highest grade in which this material is found is 24k corresponding to the gold bars for sale. Its use in jewelry is not common because it is too soft so other metals are added in low proportions such as nickel or magnesium, which affects the price of gold again platinum and the color. Continue reading “Platinum Vs Gold: What are the differences?”

How much is used gold jewelry worth?

Determining the value of used jewelry is at least as important as determining the value of your car or your house because sometimes, the value of jewelry can be tremendously high. Understanding the value makes not only selling easier, it also helps to determine the appropriate insurance coverage. The most common occasions why people need to understand how much used gold jewelry is worth are divorces and heritages. In some cases it can be required by law to know the value of gold to accept an inheritance properly. The crux of the matter is – it’s all about how much it’s worth.

Especially inheritances can be very complex to handle because usually no paperwork relating to the inherited jewelry is present, if so, it is too old to be used for a contemporary evaluation. Divorces are sometimes much easier to handle because purchase receipts or bill of sales are often kept for insurance purposes what makes at least a vague evaluation possible. But how can you help yourself to understand the approximate value of your jewelry at all and is doing a self-evaluation a serious option compared with hiring a professional appraiser? The short answer is, there is no short answer.

check gold jewelry

What makes gold jewelry valuable?

“The gold’s weight, the gold’s purity, the jewelry’s brand and the gemstones” – those four indicators are most decisive for the value in jewelry, says Maria Tait, reDollar Expert for jewelry and gemstones. But of course, also the condition and the appearance in general are impacting the value. Sometimes, boring looking jewelry can be worth a fortune while a fancy, sparkling piece sells for just a few dollars. Not always but very often even laymen are able to separate the treasure from the trash when they spend some time examining their jewelry. Continue reading “How much is used gold jewelry worth?”

Gold alloys and their color in jewelry

We all have some gold jewelry at home, but in reality, what do we know about this so expensive and so appreciated precious metal? Have you ever wondered how to change the color of gold? What is its composition?

gold alloys

Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

Gold is a very soft and malleable metal, so much so that you can mold it with your hands. In order to be able to use it in the Jewelry, gold is mixed with different alloys like copper, nickel, silver and zinc. The resulting color depends entirely on the type of alloys used and their exact percentages on each alloy. Continue reading “Gold alloys and their color in jewelry”

Combine your gold and silver jewelry and correct with all your look

However, in recent years, combined silver and gold jewelry has become quite a trend, either by mixing the two metals in the same piece as through different jewelry each of these materials. Materials which, in addition, we are lucky, because there are two basic as far as our jewelry and costume jewelry is concerned and, insurance, fill without realizing our “wardrobe” if we stop to think about the parts that we have, season after season, in our jeweler. Because, regardless of what is carried in every season, gold and silver accessories are timeless and never go out of fashion.

combine gold and silver jewelry

The key now: banish this false myth and yielding to a trend that has gone from being an impossible to make style and “sneak” as a distinctive and fundamental sign of any self-respecting outfit combination. And although the most important thing when adopting this trend (like any other) is that you feel good when you take on, are some ideas so you can combine these two metals without fear… You’ll get a much more original and stylish effect than you can imagine! Continue reading “Combine your gold and silver jewelry and correct with all your look”

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How to care for your gold jewelry

Gold itself does not tarnish or corrosion. However, with normal use, gold jewelry will eventually accumulate a film of soap, body oils and even fat. Properly care for your gold jewelry includes periodic cleaning, allowing you to keep the jewels in such good condition that you will feel very proud to have them throughout your life.

care gold jewelry

General Care

  1. Take off your gold jewelry before showering, bathing, or cleaning. Exposure to soap and other chemicals can remove the shine to gold jewelry, requiring more frequent cleanings.
  2. Manipulate your gold jewelry with care, as well as delicate pieces can be bent or loose gems.
  3. Polish your gold jewelry with a deerskin if it seems that it is losing its luster. This should be enough to restore the shine instantly, without any additional cleaning.


  • Storing your gold jewelry is as important as how to handle it carefully and make periodic cleaning. You should store them each individually in a suede bag or in a box inside has a soft fabric to protect the piece. If you must store several pieces together, wrap each piece in a soft cloth to protect it.
  • You can also use one of the many existing commercial cleaners specifically for cleaning gold; follow the instructions on the label.
  • If your gold jewelry has details made with gems or other metals, make sure the other metals and gems will not be damaged by the cleaning process.
  • If you’re not sure you can do to give proper care to your gold jewelry, take it to a jeweler for you to do a professional cleaning.
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How to combine gold and silver in your jewelry

Previously thought that some materials could not be mixed, as in this case, the silver and the gold, many limitations were created when choosing a look since according to fashion, it was frowned upon mixing both materials, but now everything has changed, and mix both materials already is not frowned upon.

combine gold and silver

Although this combination is already something common, yet we need to know how to combine silver and gold in the right way, it is for this reason then we will tell you some tips to combine them when you achieve a good result.

The ideal is to mix two materials in the same piece, something more difficult is to use different parts, and for example gold rings with silver pendant. The latter may be difficult to combine but it is something that can give good results. Continue reading “How to combine gold and silver in your jewelry”

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Using gold jewelry

When it comes to gold jewelry, although not enough, we must know how to use them, because this is a material that can highlight our skin or overshadow. Some women are a little timid when incorporating pieces of gold among its accessories because they think they are quite striking. However, we should not be afraid; we just have to wear gold jewelry according to our personality and type of clothing.

using gold jewelry

Here we bring some fashion tips for you to learn to show them off.

Look simple
If you are the type who likes a simple look, you should apply the same rule for jewelry; uses only one piece in which to focus the attention like a ring, small earrings or a necklace. Any of these pieces are a great way to show off gold in an elegant and basic way. Continue reading “Using gold jewelry”

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Yellow Gold is an alternative that is fashion, in the preparation of engagement diamond rings, even though more than one decade, white gold has dominated the production of pieces of jewelry, and lately there is a new trend in the manufacture of rose gold wedding rings, another variable of gold, increasingly fashionable.

yellow gold ring

The origin of first gold or 18K, i.e., the one used in jewelry, is always the same regardless of color, because the base is in all 3/4 parts of pure gold or 24K.

The fourth, the hardening part remaining as pure or fine gold is extremely malleable characteristic that makes it not useful in the manufacture of jewelry; it is what determines the color of the precious metal. Continue reading “YELLOW GOLD RINGS”

There are many colors of gold: pale yellow, yellow, white, green, pink…

Have you noticed that the jewels have different colors of gold? Even when gold is yellow, the tones vary, from the palest to the most vibrant. Besides yellow, the most popular colors are white and rose gold. But there are others, such as green, blue and red. Wondering how this is possible?

colors of gold

Well, let’s start by clarifying something: gold, a natural element, is yellow. It and copper, which is red, are the only metals colored of nature. All others, such as silver, palladium or platinum, are white-gray.

Gold is a soft metal and needs to be mixed with other metals to the alloy to stiffen and result in a gem that did not love. This mixture also influences the color. Continue reading “There are many colors of gold: pale yellow, yellow, white, green, pink…”

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A perfect jewelry for all occasions? Fluid Gold!

A contemporary gem is one that, besides having modern and comfortable at the same time, complements any look with exuberance. How about a piece that can be used both in the office and at an elegant gala? We’re talking about Fluid Gold, a jewel that delights for its impressive versatility and beauty of simple lines.

Fluid Gold

The necklace is composed of hundreds of small cylinders yellow gold textured yarn forming a long malleable wire and can be used in numerous different ways, creating a new look almost every use. Its longer version has three meters long, which allows many assemblies. Continue reading “A perfect jewelry for all occasions? Fluid Gold!”

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