The choice of a good tattoo artist is critical to avoid taking risks in the process of tattooing, but once done this now is your responsibility to care for the tattoo to facilitate scarring and prevent infection. Here we are given some tips on how to care for a newly done tattoo.

care newly done tattoo

Do not take off the plastic protector. When the tattooed process is finished, the wound of the skin will be covered by an antibacterial gel and a plastic band. During the first few hours you must not remove it, as it protects you from all the germs and dirt that could affect it.

Clean the tattoo after 3 hours. After this time, now we can remove the plastic bandage and clean blood – it is normal that the tattoo bleeds. For that use an antibacterial soap and warm or cold water. Neither scrub, nor use sponges; gives a gentle massage with your fingers and rinse.

Dry with a clean towel that do not remove lint or tissue paper very carefully that there are no remains.

Apply moisturizer. Ideally, you use a special cream for tattoos, as these favor faster healing, but in case you do not have it utilizes a neutral cream to refresh the area and calm itching.

Do not use petroleum jelly, or oils. Although two products are very popular use, they are not recommended at all.

Do not wear clothes that can leave lint on the tattoo. Ideally wear a smooth and cool fabric garment that allows aeration of the tattoo.

Avoid sun exposure. During the first few days you should avoid it completely, then you can go allowing its contact with the sun but slightly. Cover with clothing or protected with sunscreen.

Do not scratch your tattoo. It is true that the itching is very annoying, but you should avoid scratching because nails are very infectious and could also start the crust of the skin and with them the color of the tattoo.