Amethyst: Pisces symbol

Amethyst is a gemstone belonging to the family of quartz. That’s why Amethyst has the ability to polarize the positive energy and brings energy, balance and spirituality.


This is a stone that is linked to the third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead, and it helps to have an objective view of situations and restores psychic harmony. Amethyst, reinforcing the sense of reality of the Pisces, drives them to confront the difficult circumstances, peaceful spirit and attenuates or controlling passions.

It is also used to improve memory, relieve headaches, and especially, it’s given the power to help give up bad habits or addictions.

It also has been considered the stone of balance, at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. It will work because, to restore the lost balance, good level of physical health, either as a physical disturbance, such as ridges or depressions, either helping in any external imbalance, or difficulty.

Tradition says that this stone attracts luck, calls love, away fears, so it is recommended to always carry amethyst as well as placing one of these gems under the pillow to scare away nightmares and enjoy peaceful and even prophetic dreams.

Following these precepts, the violet which dominates the Amethyst would be an ideal color for meditation and introspection.

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