Accessories to wear with business suit

Women should avoid jewelry, large pieces of jewelry such as bracelets or noisy clumsy. Jewelry should be understated, elegant pieces hanging around the neck. Avoid necklaces or other jewelry that the rest of the neckline. Try a beautiful brooch instead of a necklace.

jewelry with business suit

Earrings should be small and classy. If you have to wear earrings, opt for shorter versions that hang within an inch of lobes of the ears. If you choose to wear a bracelet, opt for a more subtle, more simple. A female watch is always acceptable. Ankle should be completely avoided for a professional look. Stick to bring one or two rings. A ring to give a lot without exaggeration. However, the choice of sophisticated rings instead of striking rings. Simple bands, individual stones, wedding rings, mother rings or diamond wedding rings are appropriate.

jewelry with business suit

Men should invest in some groups of beautiful twins. These are interchangeable with many different suits and shirts. Similarly, dress up your ties with a nice tie pin. Classy watches are timeless pieces that you should have at least one. Men should take no more than one ring per hand if desired. Wedding rings are always acceptable and can be completed by a professional class, or a ring with a similar design on the other.

In general, jewelry should not be cute or contain new features, unless of course you are in the business of selling such products.