3 tips to maintain the quality of your tattoo

Maintaining the quality of tattoos is not an easy task. One must have plenty of care, especially in the early days, of course, but if you really want the perfect tattoo, there are certain things that you should always keep in mind. Come with me to meet some of these recommendations…

maintain quality of tattoo

Keep tattoo fresh
After properly fulfill all necessary primary care for tattoos (treatment, prevention of infection and other), the first few weeks should you keep cool and tattoo moist. What does this mean? That procures do not wear tight clothes or a garment that may cause friction in the area, use moisturizers to the skin and follow by washing well for at least a month. Never let the region is dehydrated and as much as we have told you, don’t even think remove crusts. Continue reading “3 tips to maintain the quality of your tattoo”