Put a brooch!

The brooches are a fashion that, over the years, seemed to have been forgotten and for our grandmothers. But thanks to the proposals of brands like Prada, Alexander Wang and Marni, this snap returns to street to claim as a chic and elegant complement.

put brooch

As you know, there is nothing more important than accessories for a look perfect. And a simple brooch can make us look more spectacular and cool. It is usually used to highlight the top of our outfit, often, being smooth or a dark color, just going unnoticed. It is also bring a note of fun and originality to our looks. The brooches were popular 50 years ago, and symbolized glitz and sophistication. But now there are brooches of all kinds of designs and materials, and do not need to be bright as formerly. They are shaped like flowers or more recognizable symbols among the lovers of fashion, snaps back to be trend. Continue reading “Put a brooch!”