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    Jewels Are Revolving As A Woman’s Best Friend Always

    Women all over the world have held jewelry close to their heart be it a diamond ring or a pearl pendent. While comes to selection of jewelry, she takes extreme ...

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    How to combine the jewels with the color of your skin?

    When choosing jewelry (pendants, earrings, rings) must take into account many factors: How it combined with your hair? How it combined with your cleavage? How it combined with the shape of your face ...

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    Jewelry: Accessories that are also Investments

    It is not as popular as it once was to invest in jewelry. A few decades ago, it would not be difficult to find families that had passed down valuable ...

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    The best earrings for babies

    Baby earrings are an ideal gift when a new member joins the family. However, before the placement of these many doubts arise since not all earrings are appropriate for a ...

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    Guide to selling used jewelry that you don’t use

    The sale of used jewelry is very common, since many people have jewels that are no longer used, however many people do not dare to sell a jewel for fear ...

04 Jun

The anatomy of a clock

You've probably seen several watches whose description reads: gold bezel, steel case, engraved dial, etc ... even sounds like something super sophisticated, and maybe it ...
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